Read Alouds

Roving Readers is a signature activity of Teaching for Change’s nationally recognized Tellin’ Stories approach to family engagement that brings multicultural and anti-bias children’s literature into the classroom through parent-led read alouds. Roving Readers equips families to participate in literacy instruction in schools, giving parents and other adults the opportunity to use multicultural books and storytelling to engage students in reading and literacy activities.

Below are some of the perennial favorites of parents, students, and teachers at Tellin’ Stories partner schools that are fun for read alouds and promote multiculturalism and/or messages of social justice.


*Please note that Coyote Solstice and Chrysanthemum have slightly longer text and storylines.*



Becoming an
Anti-Bias Teacher
Culture & Language
Racial Identity
Gender Identity
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Activism with Young Children Conflict Resolution with Young Children Spanish or Spanish/English for Young Children Africa: Challenging Stereotypes
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