Write to Dream: A Collection of Plays by the Students of Young Playwrights' Theater and the Tools to Turn Anyone Into a Young Playwrig (Paperback)

Write to Dream: A Collection of Plays by the Students of Young Playwrights' Theater and the Tools to Turn Anyone Into a Young Playwrig Cover Image
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Since 1995, YPT has taught thousands of students in the Washington, DC region to express themselves clearly and creatively through the art of playwriting. Write to Dream offers 30 of the best plays written by YPT students from 1995-2012, along with standards-based workshops from YPT’s curriculum to inspire creativity and enhance literacy skills in the classroom. Lesson plans are organized so teachers can easily integrate them into their classroom curricula. The plays feature stories and characters for all ages, from a science experiment gone hilariously awry to a Chinese immigrant struggling to learn English and graduate high school to an elderly woman facing the gentrification of her neighborhood.

This book is for everyone. Read these plays aloud in classrooms across the country, discuss them as a family around the dinner table and read them on your own in quiet moments of inspiration and reflection.

About the Author

Young Playwrights' Theater gives voice to a new generation through the art of playwriting. A nationally recognized leader in arts education, YPT strives to make the arts, and specifically theater, a core part of every student's education. YPT proves the value of the arts in the classroom by demonstrating the direct and positive impact of an active, arts-integrated process on student learning. By exploring playwriting, revision and performance with professional artists in the classroom, students learn the power of language and create exciting new plays that reflect and engage their communities. YPT shares student-written work with local, national and international audiences to provide a window into students' lives, cultivate an appreciation for young artists and inspire others to write. By seeing their work brought to life for their community, students realize their ability to affect the world around them.

Praise For…

“Young Playwrights’ Theater is a revelation…With all due respect to the well-heeled professional companies in D.C., these kids wrote some of the freshest, most vibrant, and flat-out funny theatre that I have seen since last summer’s Fringe Festival."

– Larry Bangs, reviewer, DC Theatre Scene

“As a result of YPT’s program, my students, who had once complained of feeling powerless and invisible in our school system, learned that their stories were of relevance, that they were stories that deserved to be and must be told.”

– Rachael Brown, teacher, YPT partner

“If you have a serious issue that you want to be heard, writing it with YPT helps.”

– Rasheeda, YPT alumna

“YPT definitely made me more confident in myself. Now I’m like, ‘I wrote a play. I can do anything!’”

– Sam Burris, YPT alumnus, playwright – The Stranger (page 87)

“I think YPT was valuable to my education because it helped improve my playwriting skills, grammar and creativity.”

– Daniel, YPT alumnus

“It’s important to learn creatively. Most people don’t understand how creative writing will help in all writing.”

– Amber Faith Walton, YPT alumna, playwright – Changing Tides: Judge Me Gently (page 229)

“The core of YPT’s program is the voice of the student, students feeling like they can express themselves, they can dig deep inside and find things in their own lives that are worth talking about. YPT combines that self-expression with the academic skills as well. They have the standards woven throughout their curriculum. It’s a combination of skills and inspiration.”

– Toni Conklin, teacher, YPT partner for twelve years
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ISBN: 9780615728032
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Publisher: Young Playwrights' Theater
Publication Date: November 15th, 2012
Pages: 356
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