Gay Parents/Straight Schools: Building Communication and Trust (Paperback)

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The authors openly address the specific educational realities and needs of lesbian- and gay-headed families. They explore why gayness is perceived as such a threat, especially to the education of young children, when it can enrich the world views of children and adults. The book features wise insights from children, teachers, administrators, and parents, and useful strategies to ensure the best education for children.

About the Author

Virginia Casper is a developmental psychologist and teacher educator who has worked for over thirty years with children and families in early intervention and research. She is on the graduate faculty at Bank Street College of Education, where she directed the Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention Program and served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Graduate School from 2002-2007. Virginia has also worked internationally, for the past decade, in South Africa. Her current work there involves a community-based, participatory research and curriculum development model that includes community training in HIV/AIDS prevention and infant/toddler group care and advocacy. Her work on attachment, gender, and teacher-parent relations has been published in Teacher's College Record, The Harvard Education Review and Zero to Th ree. She co-authored a previous book entitled: Gay Parents/Straight Schools: Building Communication and Trust (1999). She and her partner, Donna Futterman, are the parents of an adult son.

Schultz was at the Bank Street College of Edcuation where he taught child development and directed the Pre-service Program in the department of Teacher Education.
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ISBN: 9780807738245
ISBN-10: 0807738247
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication Date: June 1999
Pages: 213
Language: English