The Bomb (Paperback)

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The late historian and activist Howard Zinn was familiar with bombs—he
dropped them on people during World War II, flying as a bombardier in
Europe. This is Zinn’s passionate and readable denunciation of bombs—not
just the bomb, but all bombs. In the book’s two chapters—one on
Hiroshima and one on Royan, France, where Zinn dropped napalm late in
World War II—Zinn poses the crucial question: “What can we learn to free
us from the thinking that leads us to stand by . . . while atrocities
are committed in our name?” The Bomb is the kind of critical, angry, but hopeful history telling for which Howard Zinn is so deservedly well known.

— Rethinking Schools


Howard Zinn's personal, historical, and political views on the significance of the US bombings of Royan and Hiroshima.

About the Author

Living near Boston, Howard Zinn is a historian, political essayist, playwright, and activist. His earlier experience as a bombardier in World War II and his later experience in the southern movement for racial justice propelled him into a lifetime of searching for larger truths in his writings, research, and activism. Among Zinn's many influential books, his A People s History of the United States, which offered an entirely new perspective on American history, has been widely translated, serialized, and adapted to multiple editions for various audiences, including young readers. More recently Zinn's appearances on stage with such figures as Kurt Vonnegut, Viggo Mortensen, Alice Walker, Danny Glover, Marisa Tomei, and others have brought his Voices of the People's History (edited with Anthony Arnove) to many new audiences internationally.
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