The Forest and the Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise (Paperback)

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New Third Edition
If sociology could teach everyone just one thing, what would it be? "The Forest and the Trees" is one sociologist's response to the hypothetical-the core insight with the greatest potential to change how people see the world and themselves in relation to it.
This Third Edition features:
- Updated key references, data, resources, and examples, from global warming, Obama's election, and gay marriage to transgender/cisgender and the Occupy Movement
- A glossary of terms
- The short essays in Chapter 6, framed around the power of sociology, dig beneath easy and popular understandings to reveal what lies beneath
- An additional analysis of how men's violence is made invisible even though most violence is perpetrated by men
- Chapter 7's focus on sociology as a worldview with an analysis of the origins of white privilege

About the Author

Allan G. Johnson is Professor of Sociology at Hartford College for Women. His previous publications include "The Forest and the Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise" (1997), "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy" (1997), and "Human Arrangements "(fourth edition, 1996).
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ISBN: 9781439911877
ISBN-10: 1439911878
Publisher: Temple University Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2014
Pages: 186
Language: English