Lessons from Freedom Summer: Ordinary People Building Extraordinary Movements (Paperback)

Edition: 1st, 456 pages
Freedom Summer ended the isolation of Mississippi from the rest of the nation, and was the point of no return for legal segregation in the country.

"This book is an almost unimaginable collection of goodies for educators to help students recognize their potential as agents of social change. By offering such a rich array of experience accumulated in the Freedom Schools of the 1964 "Mississippi Summer Project," accompanied by provocative discussion questions, this book enables middle and high school youth to begin thinking of themselves as making history. Here are profiles of those who participated in that summer that offer models of how leadership can come from anyone who cares enough, not just the famous. By looking at past achievements, all the human connections made in the struggle against racism, and the possibilities ahead, the message comes across: You Are History."
--Elizabeth Martinez, teacher, activist and editor of
Letters from Mississippi: Personal reports from civil rights volunteers of the 1964 Freedom Summer

"Part history text, part curriculum, part invitation to activism, Lessons from Freedom Summer is enormously useful and inspirational. U.S. history features a legacy of democratic struggle too often neglected or marginalized in school curricula. Every social studies or history teacher can benefit from this wonderful resource."
--Bill Bigelow, editor, Rethinking Schools magazine; author, The Line Between Us: Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration

"Lessons from Freedom Summer is a unique resource that details the transformative impact of the Mississippi Freedom Schools of 1964. I believe that the lessons of Freedom Summer will inform a whole new generation of activists who struggle for social justice in their communities today."
--Clayborne Carson, Professor of History, Stanford University
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People Make Movements provides the historical context to the Freedom Schools of Mississippi in 1964.

About the Author

Kathy Emery has taught high school history for 16 years. She has a PhD in Educational policy from UC Davis. Kathy wrote the teaching materials for the teaching edition of Howard Zinn's People's history of the United States (New Press) and is co-author with Susan Ohanian of Why is Corporate America Bashing our public schools? Linda Reid Gold: has taught high school English for thirty years. She has published a wide variety of articles and conducted workshops dealing with the pedagogy and content of feminist, interdisciplinary and multi-cultural literacy. Her roots are in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. Sylvia Braselmann is a senior scientist at a small San Francisco bio-tech company. She has studied for a masters in history at SF State University and is co-founder of the San Francisco Freedom School. She is the editor of the 1964 Freedom School Curriculum on the web at www.educationanddemocracy.org Howard Zinn is the author of A People's History of the United States.
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