99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do about It (Paperback)

By Chuck Collins, Barbara Ehrenriech (Foreword by)
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The focus of the worldwide Occupy protests is creating a world that works for 99% of people and businesses, not just the richest and most powerful 1%. But who are the 99%? Who are the 1%? How extensive and systemic is inequality in different areas of society? What are its causes and consequence? How is inequality changing in our world? And what can be done about it?

For many years Chuck Collins has been a top leader in studying, speaking about, and writing about these questions. In this book he brings together in one place, for the first time, information that has been widely scattered in many different articles, reports, and websites. He provides revealing and powerful information about inequality in all realms of today's world, including individual wealth and power, corporate wealth and power, media control, political influence, and other areas. He then describes the functioning of the Wall Street Inequality Machine and describes how inequality wrecks everything we care about. And he tells how people and groups are pushing back against inequality and taking action to reduce inequality and create a world that works for the many and not just the few.

About the Author

The Rev. Chuck Collins has written extensively for Christian journals and magazines, winning both the 2013 "Writer's Digest" "Annual Competition" for a short story and First Place in the 2014 "Utmost Christian Poetry Contest". He has been a canon theologian and retreat and conference speaker and has led many overseas missions and pilgrimages. Chuck and Ellen Collins live in Phoenix, Arizona where he serves on the staff of Christ Church (Anglican). They have four grown children and four grandchildren.

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ISBN: 9781609945923
ISBN-10: 1609945921
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication Date: April 9th, 2012
Pages: 150
Language: English