Son Who Returns (Paperback)

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Fifteen-year-old Mark Centeno is of Chumash, Crow, Mexican and Filipino ancestry--he calls himself "four kinds of brown." When Mark goes to live with his Chumash grandmother on the reservation in central California, he discovers a rich world of family history and culture that he knows very little about. He also finds a pathway to understanding better a part of his own identity: powwow dancing. Riveted by the traditional dancers and feeling the magnetic pull of the drums, Mark begins the training and other preparations necessary for him to compete as a dancer in one of America's largest powwows.

About the Author

Gary Robinson, a writer and filmmaker of Cherokee and Choctaw descent, has spent twenty-five years working with American Indian communities to tell the stories of Native people. His previous works include From Warriors to Soldiers, which examines American Indians in the US military from the Revolutionary War to modern times, and The Language of Victory, the story of the American Indian code talkers of World War I and World War II. Robinson currently lives in the central California coast region.
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ISBN: 9781939053046
ISBN-10: 1939053048
Publisher: 7th Generation
Publication Date: April 1st, 2014
Pages: 143
Language: English
Series: Pathfinders