Critical Focus: The Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards


While photographing, editing and producing 22 documentary films about a variety of protest movements of the 1960s, Harvey Richards shot still photographs, mostly in black and white, to help publicize the events he filmed. CRITICAL FOCUS compiles his black and white images of California’s agribusiness, the peace and civil rights movements, the environmental movement and the devastation wreaked by the logging industry in the forests of the west coast. It also includes photos from his trip the Soviet Union in 1961 with his wife Alice Richards and his son, Paul.  At the time Critical Focus was published in 1987, the full extent of his photographic collection was hidden in the file drawers of his study.  The photos in the book are those he developed and printed in his darkroom in the garage for use by the movements he photographed.



Paul Richards is offering the book for free for classroom teachers, for the price of shipping.

Here is an explanation of why Paul Richards is offering to share this treasure trove of images. Teachers can request their copy by placing an order here and indicating in the comments field their school, grade level, and subject. Anyone else can order the book for $15 plus shipping directly from Estuary Press here.

written and compiled by Paul Richards
104 pages, 123 photos
ISBN 0-9618725-0-0
LC 87-81720
Published 1987 by Estuary Press.

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